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I Offer Free Screenings, Consultations, Evaluations, and Therapy

Please Contact Me About Speaking Engagements and Presentations. 

Kristin Roth, Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

As a qualified therapist, I am skilled and experienced at working with children who have a variety of communication delays and diagnoses from birth through adolescence.

Diagnosis and Disorders Treated

- Autism Spectrum Disorders

- "Late Talkers"

- Receptive Language Disorders

- Expressive Language Disorders

- Developmental Delays

- Articulation and Phonological Disorders

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech

- Social/Pragmatic Language Disorder

- Problem Solving Difficulties

- Cleft Palate

- Fluency/Stuttering Disorders

- Voice Disorders

- Down Syndrome

- Children who are Non-Verbal

- Hearing Loss

Not sure if your child needs an evaluation?

Click HERE for a helpful guideline.  

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