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Getting There

Let's make your child's communication a success. 

How to get there...

Call Me to Schedule an Evaluation: (847) 362-1040 -or- (​224) 360-0959

When you decide that you want your child's speech and/or language skills evaluated, please call me or submit the online form HERE to schedule a time for us to meet.  Before the evaluation, I will need a prescription from your child's pediatrician for the "evaluation and treatment of speech and language" and a copy of your insurance card if you intend to use it.  You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to ask about your benefits for speech-language therapy.  I will also need the following forms completed


At the speech-language evaluation: I will gather information from you regarding your concerns for your child.  A standardized test will be given to show what skills are mastered by your child and those that may need help. There will also be some play time with me so that I can see your child's skills in action.  

The evaluation will determine if your child would benefit from speech-language therapy and the intensity of treatment if needed.  Goals for therapy will be discussed as well.  You will receive a written report outlining the results, and goals if therapy is recommended. 



The type and techniques provided in therapy are specialized according to your child's speech and/or language needs.  Questions are always encouraged.   My goal in therapy sessions are to challenge, motivate, and richly reward your child's communication success and empower your understanding  of the therapy process.  You will find many toys, books, and activities in my bag or therapy room for younger children and interactive games for the older to make speech or language therapy more motivating.  You are always welcome to play along.  

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