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I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist with over 10 years of helping children become enthusiastic communicators.  I've had the pleasure of working in both school and clinical settings.  This has  allowed me to experience working with children at all levels of communication, hear amazing stories of courage and perseverance, and be a part of children becoming successful communicators.


I am licensed by the Illinois Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence with the American Speech Language Hearing Association.  

I provide speech and language screenings, evaluations, and therapy in office and home settings.

  • In-home services are designed to help clients function more effectively in their own environments with those they communicate with most.

  • Therapy in the office setting allows for greater structure and focus, which may be more beneficial for some children.

Family involvement  is a crucial component to communication success.  I coach parents and caregivers on how to carry over skills learned in therapy in a meaningful and fun way.

My goal is to make a positive contribution to you and your child's life by using my range of knowledge and experience in providing enthusiastic and effective therapy.

Kristin Roth, Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy


What Others Have to Say...

Kristy has helped our son so much. We came to her when our son was two years old and we could hardly understand most of what he was saying. He would make up words for things and it was a very frustrating time for us. Our son is five now and the difference is amazing. He speaks so clearly and is actually voicing his feelings, which before, was very hard for him to do. Kristy has made such an impact on our son's life, I can't thank her enough.        - Laura S.

Miss Kristy helped our 2 year old son tremendously. She was able to find topics that interested our son, which made his therapy fun and helped to engage him. Miss Kristy was extremely professional and her caring and thoughtful personality was apparent during each session. Miss Kristy also provided me with many valuable techniques and resources that I could use at home with our son. She has been truly instrumental is my son's language development.    - Katrina M.

My daughter, Layla, began treatment with Kristy just before she turned 3.  Layla had a significant speech delay due to prematurity.  While she had words, she was unable to string together phrases or communicate her needs.  What was even more difficult was that she could understand very little that I said to her.  Happily, I saw a difference in her speech and her behavior within just  a few sessions with Kristy.  Within a few months of treatment, she was a literally like a different child.  She learned to make eye contact, could answer questions, tell me what she needed, and even follow simple directions.  The best part was that every session was something Layla really looked forward to.  As far as she was concerned, she was just going to play, and she loved every single week! With our every interaction, Kristy was kind, compassionate and incredibly helpful.  We will be forever grateful to "Miss Kristy"!       - Erin G.

Kristy gave our son confidence in his speech.  He is no longer worried about how he sounds when he talks to his teachers and friends.  He can even say his own name correctly! Thank you!       - Heather M.

Kristy is compassionate and absolutely wonderful at what she does! When searching for a speech therapist for my son, I knew the moment we met Kristy that we had found the perfect match for us. It did not take long for us to see drastic improvements in our son's speech, and we owe it all to Kristy! She's highly knowledgeable and connects with her clients personally, so she is able to fit their individual needs best. We are, and will always be, extremely grateful for the services she offers, and for her ways of teaching.  - Kaylee F.

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